"We Create Bridges to Solutions During Challenging Times." - Michelle Cheney Donaldson

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Where a partnership with our company establishes bridges to solutions for matters related to diversity, equity and inclusion as well as education.

Message from the President

Michelle Cheney Donaldson

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

As a former National Director for Diversity and Inclusion for a Fortune 300 Company, I researched, studied and incorporated best practices related to diversity, equity and inclusion.  In addition, I have trained staff on the importance of these matters from the C-Suite to every level of the organization.  The understanding of such practices are required in an organization in order to ensure diverse hiring practices, retention and even succession planning that is fair and overall supports the return on the investment (ROI).  Through MCD Consulting Service, my team and I structure models of best practice that have an emphasis on the above, and are tailored specifically to meet your company's mission and strategic goals. 


As an education professional who has had the opportunity to work in various roles in one of the largest education systems in the country, I have been able to provide academic insight and assistance to community leaders, political officials, think tanks, parents, special education advocates and affiliates.  Through the guidance of MCD Consulting Service, my team and I have and continue to develop and implement efficient concepts, and models of best practice geared toward education and training.  The best practice strategies presented work to promote the advancement of young people, the underserved as well as those with special needs and mental health challenges.  


MCD Consulting Service provides clients with a range of offerings related to diversity, equity and inclusion as well as education and training best practices.  Below you will find a few comments that speak to the caliber of services rendered and the level of client satisfaction.  

"I have partnered with Mrs. Donaldson for a few years as an educational consultant, and she never disappoints.  Her level of commitment, expertise and work ethic is consistent and effectively implemented.  She always delivers at a high level."

Crystal Bonds

President of Crystal Clear Consulting LLC

“I have known Michelle for over 15 years. During that time, Michelle has provided poignant, relevant, inspirational and timely guidance. When I started my journey toward becoming an educator, I was grateful to have Michelle’s mentorship. Michelle’s sage advice and experiences has provided me with the necessary tools to educate our future, as well as, navigate the complexities of the education system.”

Michelle Belasco

Educator and Consultant

 "Mrs. Donaldson has been one of those education professionals that stands by your child and their family.  This is especially required when your child has special health challenges and/or needs.  Parents need someone who can be in their corner to help them navigate the education sector, and Mrs. Donaldson does this with a passion.  She always has a child's best interest in mind."

LaToyra C.


Michelle is one of the best consultants I've come across in the field. Her ability to give insight and help you to arrive at solutions to your business problems, is hard to find.   She  is relatable,  up-to-date with business trends and has access to a vast network of business leaders.  You will not be disappointed about booking her services! 

Tiyanna Washington 

Founder and CEO of Tspeaksnyc, LLC

When I wanted to engage my pre-service educators you came to the rescue.  You showed me how to use various on-line platforms to bring another level of engagement to my college students.  But beyond that you offered your real life experience as an educator to my course.  I hope you received the letters of appreciation from them.  Yes, you presented your insights and knowledge professionally.  

Dr. Lindamichelle Baron

Author, Motivational Speaker, Poet, Associate Professor

Before working with Michelle Donaldson, I had no structure to how I showed up in the market.  After three sessions she helped me identify my target audience  and developed my digital presence which initially netted in 9 sales.  Today, I have a working website for my physical and POD (Print on Demand) products.  This woman is amazing!  

Morgan Jade


I was introduced to Mrs. Donaldson through Dr. Shango Blake who said she'd be a phenomenal contact. He was 100% right in his assessment. She has a generous spirit and is eager to share resources while acquiring information to expand on her already vast knowledge base. I hope to continue working with her as I grow as I aspire to attain her level of success in business. She is fantastic! 

Danielle-Michelle Daniels, Scholarship Consultant 

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A partnership with MCD Consulting Service establishes bridges to solutions for matters related to diversity, equity and inclusion as well as education.